I will be using this area as a repository for my signatures. As I share packages, documents, and other items online, I want people to be able to confirm they came from me. You can find my public key for verification on my Keybase profile

Name File Signature Description
Resume Resume.pdf Resume.sig My official Resume.
Machine Learning With Episerver Machine-Learning-with-Episerver.pptx Machine-Learning-with-Episerver.sig I gave a talk at Episerver Ascend 2019. You can read the blog post about it.

Instructions for file verification

In order to verify files, you need to have gpg installed. Once that's installed, you need to download my public key. It can be found here. Once you have it, you can run the following commands. The first will import the public key. The next will verify the file you specify:

    gpg --import .\publickey.asc
    gpg --verify file file.sig

Once you verify, you should see output similar to the following.

    gpg: Signature made Fri 06 Dec 2019 05:43:07 PM CST
    gpg: Good signature from "David Boland <david.boland@protonmail.com>"

As time goes on and things update, the key and signature files I provide may change. I will continually try to keep this page up to date with my most recent signatures. If you are interested in how to sign your own work as a dev, you can check out my blog post on the subject.